What I think About

What I think …about… encapsulates just that. I call it an

Expressionist Magazine


Everything you see is real. Everything you read happens.Sometimes a little before. Sometimes long before. 

The collection of journeys, escapes, fun, learning, hurting, seeing, doing and believing will mesmerise, make you think, see you dreaming, fulfill you and frustrate you… keep reading.. there’s always something new to learn and we value your thoughts too.

What I think is more than A singular human. It is a collection of experiences, love’s, eye-opening moments, epiphanies and viewpoints expressed in a variety of ways and, hopefully by all who visit, through leaving us Your Thoughts, in a most positive way,

You too Influence the universal perspective on reality.

Life is very complicated. Or is it?

As originator of the What I think Expressionist Magazine I have chosen to remain a shadow. See Who I am here.

Blake. S


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