Resistance :: Existence

Imagine a world where food is free! Where all you can eat is on the street and all who walk there share.


Grow to Give to Grow

We all have a side of us that wants to do good. Mine is becoming a source of serious frustration. Having started this project in concept and ‘design’ in 2014 it’s taken what feels like way too long to get to fruition. Two years on and I feel as though I’m no further in my…

Excercise… Me? Ha! Good Luck!

And here we have it, me doing Yoga.. voluntarily at 5.30a.m. every morning. Well, for the first three, anyway. This morning I decided to give my exhausted body a break. Can’t over do it! Getting Old, have to be careful. What I did in it’s stead was indulge in a book. Written by Eckhart Tolle…