Warm Spaghetti & Chicken Salad

Warm chicken pasta with salsa or eat it cold as a salad. Simply Delicious & Easy!


Want more time in :: Woodstock

‘ChooseDay’ or Tuesday in most calendars, is the day I reserve for doing the things I choose to do. It’s not a day off. It’s contingency time for unexpected, inexplicable and often, wonderful occurrences. When working with technology you are practically guaranteed a surprise almost every day, where something will stray from the path you…

Warm Spaghetti Salad with Chilli Salsa

So I’ve not had starch much since coinciding my diet with Jess’ and today being day 3 of up at 5 a.m., Yoga and stretching I was feeling more peckish ┬áthan usual. I decided on Spaghetti with a light Oil & Vinegar Dressing/Salsa for late Lunch. Boiled spaghetti with a little basil and salt. In…