Warm Spaghetti & Chicken Salad

Warm chicken pasta with salsa or eat it cold as a salad. Simply Delicious & Easy!


Warm Spaghetti Salad with Chilli Salsa

So I’ve not had starch much since coinciding my diet with Jess’ and today being day 3 of up at 5 a.m., Yoga and stretching I was feeling more peckish ┬áthan usual. I decided on Spaghetti with a light Oil & Vinegar Dressing/Salsa for late Lunch. Boiled spaghetti with a little basil and salt. In…

Grilled Aubergine & Fried Egg

We grill our Aubergine with a spicy little coconut oil marinade with chilli, garlic, peppers and more… this time we went a little wild.. And topped that with an Egg fried in coconut oil (or butter if you’re into Banting) with a tomato salsa to add life to the party. It truly was quite scrumptious…

Fresh Start:: Yoga.

The Salad with Everything spiced up with the Akire Salsa. All made in minutes.