I am Loved :: unconditionally

by these furry friends.. and always will be

I am Blake. S,

What you see is merely a smidgen of who I am.
Blake. S

Places I Love :: Livesey Lodge

When heading out of town there are a few places I’ve visited and really felt at ease and peace in. One of those is Livesey Lodge in Hermanus A stunningly presented hide-away from life. Although situated on the Main Road (which makes it dead easy to find – nothing worse after a long journey than…

Monday Night Celebration:: Vegan Style

Pleasure upon layer of pleasure! Aubergine! The forbidden word unless it’s within grasp. We do love our Aubergine. Having accomplished great things we celebrated with a feast prepared by Jess. (who will be providing photos much better than mine soon).  Aubergine roasted then grilled came out with toasty skin and smooth meat which blended so…

Art for Sale: John Van Reenen – Original Oil

John Van Reenen is a renowned South African Artist with a bold and varied subject matter and style. Anything from Boer War atrocities in etchings to a Rastafarian Watermelon Party in oils on canvas. THE STORY OF HOW I ACQUIRED A JOHN VAN REENEN: John and I were very close a few years back. We…