What I think :: Internet is global conscience

With the unveiling of the internet, a global opportunity sprang to life to insidiously infect the whole of society with our thoughts, as an individual or collective.

To forever stain the collective mind with one’s thoughts is an enormous responsibility.

Not to be taken lightly

What I think about the internet…

I believe that the Internet is the genius of our time, come to create an opportunity for the human race to salvage some respect in collectively learning & Doing more about how to take care of our vital resources instead of taking them for granted. Learning more about the heartbeats across oceans and forests. Learning to understand that we’re smaller than it all, yet such a vital statistically important part that without ‘Me’ (say it out loud) the planet is a poorer place because I’m here for a reason.

The Internet stands for the global conscience, the universal learning tool the spiritual amongst us imagined to be some mythical thing we conjure up in our minds, sending messages via non-sensical waves.

Well, here it is non-believers. The Internet. The world wide distribution network of people’s imaginings, thoughts, hopes, dreams, wistful loves and terrible traumas all shared in an instant. Without restriction. Well, the nasty stuff is restricted. Frankly, if we were following Universal Law we would not need to police things such as this as they would not exist.

What we learn from the internet is what we want from it. The Universal Learning tool enables us to learn anything we please.

Picture it, ask for it and it shall be delivered to your screen.

The Secret speaks of imagine and you shall see… have.. learn… The internet has been my saviour on so many levels since it was available easily. It’s created a never-ending learning opportunity for me with every new project posing new reasons to search deeper and further than before into new industries, cultures, places and people. Allowing me to, at the touch of a button, search an entire library of information, get the latest in technology available simultaneously around the globe to others in the most technically advanced locations, learn new techniques being used by the best in the world the same time as the rest of the world, learn new software for free because ‘giving’ is the beauty of the internet.

Open Source Software available to me, you and everyone else who chooses to learn something new, enabling a higher and higher percentage of the global population to be in total control of their future, the internet has opened an opportunity for every consciously aware person to put forward their knowledge, skills, experiences and perspectives on taking better care of our earth and we can do that, just by sharing our thoughts on the Internet.

I’m a great believer in ‘this is not the first time around’, each time the ‘wheel turns’ we are given an opportunity of magnanimous proportions to change the way we are doing things. Collectively and as Individuals.

The internet is our opportunity as a human race to change the collective. To give freedom, food to and faith in humanity to every human on the planet. By empowering each person who wishes to be a part of the collective we give power to the people who value life itself the most.

Those who have known worst fates have greatest hearts.

And so, What I think is that the Internet is our saviour. It’s been mine, will continue to be to many millions around the world as every dot begins to connect, every heartbeat shown equal respect as we learn more about one another daily.

What I think ::

The Collective Conscience (as I call it)

is based on my personal understanding of the world at large. The person that makes the clock tick and the wheels turn (not literally), who creates a wave so that the oceans will flow, makes the birds sing and humans Love. The All knowing maker of all things related to Nature.

Given ‘free will’

as we want to believe it to be, Humans have taken the wrong end of the stick and used this ‘super power’ to do so much damage that it’s almost, if not, irreparable. Taking into account the vast amounts of knowledge we like to proclaim we have, we seem to have been sheepishly following a rule of law that should never exist if we follow the Universal Laws.

The brainwashing and continued besmirching of nature’s very own for the sake of a pill, injection or supplementary powder is quite terrifying when we look back at sci fi movies of old. How lazy or pre-programmed have we become?

Using the Collective to Grow

By sharing our knowledge, enthusing others and giving the internet to those who would otherwise be sidelined by society, ensures that there are few parts of the world untouched by the incredible potential of the collective few to grow the global community. Social Media has been a saviour to millions on many levels. The inspirational effects will continue to grow to reach deep into the most poverty stricken areas as the natural course of the universal law swings through society. Whilst life continues to show hardship for many, there is an upliftment of spirit that Social Medias connectedness provides that was previously unthinkable in many poverty stricken parts of the world. Lack of knowledge, communication and understanding of the world.

Whilst I use pure thought with pure intention to send my message, the world will be collectively uplifted.

The Internet solves all these issues and many more. Collective conscience is tugging at global business as they assist the least likely to succeed with an opportunity to change that. To grow, to learn to be inspired daily by people who would never ordinarily touch your life. To find hope, grow faith in yourself, human nature and learn how to take care of yourself. Literally. In every sense of the word. Even the most hopeless of situations, where there is internet there is an opportunity to change circumstance.

That is not to say it’s ever easy doing anything. Tenacity, hard work, innovation and sheer grit is about what it takes but it’s possible to do anything, be anything and change anything with the world’s collective knowledge at your fingertips.

Adding to the collective conscience in a responsible way is the same as littering. Be careful of what you spit out as it will remain there and besmirch the upliftment of the collective.

Be Aware of Your words.


What I Learned ::

Effort Required to change the World :: make a difference to yourself first, always, every day. The ripple effect will do all the good that needs to happen in the world.

All you have to do to change the world is to change your ways

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