My heart Landed :: Klein Karoo Jy Het My

Traveling with Truly Africa Tours through the Klein Karoo on Route 62 on day three of an exploratory adventure, what befell us grabbed my heart and refused to let go.

By now you’ll probably peg me as whimsical and dreamy with many fantastical ideas, magical ideals and fruitless passions…

The past, present and future :: What do we make of them?

Perhaps there are a few things that have never strayed far from my heart, although largely hidden, ignored or stored very deeply. Much more real than one would ordinarily understand until it grabs you.   Pigs! Yes.. strangely Pigs. As a young child my parents farmed pigs. As a sideline to their, what would become enormously successful Jewellery Business and Guest House, amongst other business ventures.

So my passion or should I say, partial-ness -** Vegans close your Ears!** to B A C O N. Yep… always Loved it, always will, started with understanding the nature of things. Although it didn’t seem fair to us as 5/6 year olds that the piglets weren’t allowed out to play. We tried many times to separate mother from litter so we could play ‘farmer’ with the little ones. The natural response of a mother being separated from her children is one that will forever remain embedded in my consciousness as the rawest, most guttural and tenacious verbal attacks I’ve ever experienced, what usually transpired after is a tale for another day.

Big Lesson:: The piglets stay with the sow until they are ready.  When nature says it’s time, then it’s time. And then it’s OK to do what nature intended. The cycle of life.

Present (at that time)

Long and Winding Road
Makouvlei… I’m finding it increasingly difficult to put words to the place. It has to be experienced through the visions that were eclipsed in moments I’m not certain I am able to replicate.

Driving toward Makouvlei on a slightly higgledy-piggledy road, I got the feeling of peaceful air mingled with a scent of anticipation, of growth. That opportunity could spring to life any moment. There really was a magical air about the drive up, it wasn’t a long drive but long enough. Opening the car doors to a rustic farmhouse style building with overhanging creepers and dusty paths leading to open verandas, fireplaces ready to be lit and a kitchen filling with aromas.

The rustic farm-i-ness of it all caught my breath as I realised that ‘this’ is what I want to be doing. In that moment it encapsulated every part of my yearnings of unfulfilled dreams I’d let slide or never considered viable, feasible or do-able.( It even seems whimsical now as it never happened in the way that I thought…)

Nevertheless the bare charm that met us included beautifully decorated and kept en-suite rooms detached from the main house with stretching views of green and gold undulations.

Aaahhh yes, you can say I was taken by the whole Klein Karoo-ness of it all… I spent a moment picturing nights of outdoor movies on a makeshift screen under the overwhelming starlit skies and Sunday dinners all week long, eating our homegrown veggies, sipping local wines and fresh spring water.

What I learned ::

I had a dream… I have a dream… It is Real. In gratitude to Linkie Groenewald & Truly Africa Tours for the virtual ‘snot-klap’ as we call it in South Africa. i.e. I became conscious of my inherent desires and passions and how to pursue them. And of course the unforgettable times, laughter, experiences, people, new family and now familiar places I was fortunate enough to be an integral part of.

Gratitudes on gratitudes mushroom and escalate the reasons to be Grateful.

Effort decreases, reward increases as being grateful shows many more rewards than it’s opposite.

Having drunk in all we could at Makouvlei we needed to set off to meet with old friends of Truly Africa in a ‘new place’… down the road from Barrydale… coming soon.



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