Truly Deeply Spirited :: Klein Karoo you have my heart

A place in the Karoo that spoke to me. Serene, idyllic, picturesque with a yearning potential of an abundance of honeybees and sweet aromas, laughter and music… An unexpected adventure.

Truly Africa Tours – Bespoke Tour Specialists invited me to join them on a recce for new bespoke tours of unexplored areas of the Western Cape.

IMG_6597An unexpected and very welcome call one Friday afternoon from Linkie, owner of Truly Africa Tours, offering me an opportunity to head out on a recce trip.

Recce: the ​process of ​visiting and ​quicklylooking around a ​place in ​order to ​find out ​information about it:He did a little recce of the ​area before ​picking a ​spot to ​wait with his ​camera.

All  very excited as I’d been awaiting this call for some time, bags packed, in the tour bus & off on a winding adventure by 2pm Saturday. My hair still wet, no shoes and ready for the trip. I jumped in, we said ‘HI’, I settled quickly so we could set off, then asked ‘Where are we going?’ and ‘how long will we be away for?’.

  • Destination:: Unknown
  • Time Away :: Unknown

Thus began our Journey.

The trip started out in Hermanus, Western Cape where the mountains had recently been scorched by veld fires. Much of the escarpment was devastated and ravaged.

It’s always an emotional experience driving through fire ravaged lands as the destruction it causes harms so much and so many. Simultaneously these fires are often a natural result of the oils of the fynbos heating to burning point. [check facts]

We took a meandering path inland, not really thinking about where we wanted to go or where we planned to end up. The views are magnificent, the drive is incredibly scenic with very little traffic, it was the ideal way to see some of Africa’s finest vistas. When stopping along the way it’s very important to take a deep breath of the air each time as it differs from place to place with each having it’s own flavour, aromas and spirit.


[confirm actual rout with Linkie – get interactive map]

Our first major stop was Barrydale. The interesting little town I’d only had vague memories of from a distant childhood, was filled with a very different picture to the one I found in 2013. Lush green. Life. Spirit. Emotions.

Linkie has been passionately touring South Africa and southern Africa for the past ten years. Offering bespoke tours from basic camping to Five Star luxury where your every need is catered for.

IMG_6653FIRST STOP :: Ronnies Sex Shop

We arrived at Ronnie’s.IMG_6661 The infamously named bar
which offers travellers a welcome pit-stop for drinks and dinners… and, as I found out, when a
regular Tour operator, you are family.

Welcomed, seated and drinks proffered, it was so easy to relax and enjoyIMG_6584 the simplicity of the bar which saw a constant stream of local and international visitors. All of whom were welcomed like family making the entire experience more difficult to extricate ourselves from.

Ronnie’s Sex Shop is infamous and requires no introductions nor special mentions as it’s the type of place that one Must visit! The R62 Route is an infamous and beautifully sculpted road filled with amazing foliage, landscapes and wonders well worth adding into your journey through South Africa.

Thankfully we didn’t have far to go as our first stop was in fact right where we were.

Barrydale. After a hearty braai, an abundance of laughter and liquid refreshments we headed off to our next stop…

NEXT STOP :: EGYPT – Never what you think… Click here to go there…




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