Klein Karoo :: Breathtaking… prt 2

Wherever you are in the world is the best place to be. I was fortunate enough to be in the Klein Karoo. One of the most spiritual places on earth… in my opinion.

Reflective skiesAfter our meandering trip  (with Truly Africa tours – read Part One here) which found us on passes and paths of exquisite beauty and the welcoming friendships and refreshments at Ronnie’s, we finally laid our heads in Egypt! A place called Egypt where stillness, tranquility and exceptional peace transcend all stresses and strains one may be experiencing in life.

This private residence is settled in the middle of nowhere where nobody will ever find you! Just as well as we were happy to not be found for at least a day or two!

Our host, a generous, flamboyant gentleman with a twinkle in his eye, totally at peace in his hide-away, proudly showed us around the architect designed home and expanse of property.

The beauty of properties such as this is the time it takes to get there through the depths of perpetually rolling hills that never seem to meet the ceaseless sky…What greets you is entrancing. The home filled with quintessential, understated beauty. The design of the property very cleverly allows many views, from every angle of the neverending Klein Karoo.

Seemingly dry and arid, the land is in fact filled with the prettiest little flowers, all teeming with insect life making silent scurrying an artform as the noiseless echoes surround you.

The beauty that is the Karoo in the Cape of South Africa. There are few words that encapsulate the serenity in the silences, the sheer expanse of the sky which is overwhelming when one is accustomed to the mean city scrapers that steal the sky. Even across the oceans the sky seems to have a limit, but not in the Karoo.

Aaaahhhh breathe… waking to the deep silence and calm. Not wanting to make a sound I snuck out to the pool with my coffee and pondered how it was that we humans would choose the busy, frenetic lifestyles that we choose when this is available. Not to everyone’s taste, living in nowhere with … ‘nothing’ surrounding you, thankfully or the Karoo would be overrun with people! I hazard a guess that the Karoo ‘nationals’ are pleased with the population stats as is.

Stumbling upon exquisite places like this, which happen to happen when you reach out as an intrepid learner looking for new perspectives, gives travelling an entirely new meaning as the hospitality, affections and connectedness you experience forms a lifetime bond.

Needing to continue our our quest to discover new places to expose Truly Africa Tours clients to, we prepared ourselves to leave Barrydale but not before making a last stop…

Next Stop :: Makouvlei where my heart landed and stayed




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