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Maintain Ethics, Integrity, Morals and Values. Be Trustworthy. As I meander through my mornings chores I find an email from Sandy Gilad (The Instant Switch), the first line of which grabs me ‘Let’s go over the last Success chemical…’

Success is a bit of a misnomer in my life because I seem to measure it so differently to everyone else and then I realise that we each have our own measure of success within ourselves.

Success however, is never achieved alone. Success requires the input of others. The first of which is Love. Strangely true. Yes, yes… you all sick of the whole ‘airy fairy Love thing’ … sorry for you because every moment of every day that you portray an air of Love for all people, plants and pets (animals), the universe will shine on you the Love that comes with Success.

Sounds soppy? Ok…

Last night I lay thinking about the ‘No Man is An Island’ quote, statement. It’s haunted me since my high school days when we received this as a topic for an Essay exam. I frustrated my teacher because she knew I had a thousand words in the dictionary in my head mixed with spades of creativity but had no idea what it meant to put them together.

So I wrote about a guy who landed on an island. Very sad story. Very bad Story. No clue.


What I think is ::

Oxytocin :: reportedly linked to Trust.

Definitely linked to

  • Happiness = Childbirth;
  • Lifesource = breastfeeding. 
  • Body Heat = flourish

so, the hormone our bodies secrete as a natural way to combat pain but allow happiness receptors to override any memory of pain is called… Oxytocin? Am I right?

And, in the form of hugs or body heat or skin to skin touch –

Medically Proven :: Mother Nature knows Best

Incubated babies that do not receive skin to skin contact do not thrive as quickly as those who are held to the bare chest.

Children in care or foster homes who do not receive physical affection do not thrive as quickly as children who do. W-+-Webfluential-Logo_04

Therefore their levels of ‘Trust’ is damaged for the remainder of their lives. Unless they find someone who can rebuild that trust
through intensive, skin-to-skin, unconditional loving touch.

Love stimulates every part of who we are :: Success Chemical

we repair the damaged cells by growing in

  • trust :: of self; of others;
  • love :: of self; by others; [feeling of]
  • emotional intelligence :: self worth; worth of others

How can this be proven?

All the successful people in the world surround themselves by people who Love them, or whom they feed Love from, this to increase the desire for success which naturally increases the Oxytocin levels. Successful people don’t need drugs to make them that way, they just have to tap into their natural resource. The resource we all own, men included, apparently?

My theory and seen in practice is this::

Regardless of how old you are, your emotional intelligence will depict how you handle situations outside of your comfort zone.

Emotional Maturity or Emotional quotient, this is just What I Think, is decided by when you last felt loved, safe, secure and life seemed to be OK. When we stop feeling loved we stop loving. Or when we experience an extreme traumatic event which leaves us ‘alone’. The act of not loving another immediately affects our love of self. We stop taking care of ourselves, caring about washing, caring about clean hair, fingernails, home, car, work….

Trust is not just built into the things we do ‘wrong’ in the other person’s eyes or them reneging on promises.

Trust in any relationship is built on the the ‘skin-to-skin’ handshake, the eye contact.

The trust is built in every touch of the skin and the more skin-to-skin contact in a loving, caring, compassionate and memorable environment with pure intent from all parties, the more trust is built. 

[I can draw a diagram here but don’t have time – will add soonest for easy digestion]

The moment Betrayal of trust becomes evident the physical will shrink back from the touch.

Our natural instinct when we feel betrayed is to shrink into ourselves because our trust first has to come from Us. How can we trust ourselves when we made such a bad judgement of the person’s integrity? ethics? morals? values?

We stop Touching others when we stop Trusting Ourselves. W-+-Webfluential-Logo_04

Success relies on touching others, through our emotional maturity in understanding that touch is a human need. The intention with which we touch must remain pure to maintain it’s integrity. Honest to retain Trust. Respectful to succeed to Love.

We can only Love others when we Love ourselves completely. Acceptance of what Is.

Success therefore comes from Oxytocin. Am I right?

What I Think :: for all Hermits

Find yourself a friend you can sit on the sofa alongside and hold hands with… or get a dog! Surround yourself with Doggy, Kitty, Horsey… gosh a Heartbeat’s Love and you’ll instantly feel totally revived, knowing you’re loved unconditionally and will never be betrayed.

Animal Love :: the Best there is!

What I Think :: to be Successful

“That’s not to say that you should continue to shun all humans.

For to paint the whole human race in the colors darkened by another’s mood

is losing out on the flowers and unicorns of genius that Life is with all of us in it. “

The Success chemical, or one of, as Sandy Gilad mentions, Oxytocin, should be seen as an instinctive example of being in complete control of making life better, regardless of the avalanche we are experiencing today from one individual who has shattered every aspect of your perceived life. Just by being present in your body and using it instinctively, You can be successful.

Using it is up to you. Making it work for you means making touch an important part of your day, it means making contact, eye-to-eye or hugging or shaking hands an integral part of your day because Trust comes from touch and Love is Trust.

Be Happy, Smile at others, make someone laugh but first… Make Yourself laugh, Like Yourself from the inside and love yourself from the outside.

What I think :: Success is within You.

Am I right?


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