Resistance :: Existence

Whilst sampling a subtly delightful Merlot I contemplated the resistance & existence theory :: My theory

Merlotcontemplation Surrounded by the abundance that I find myself in daily, it is easy to forget the purpose of & the circle of life. Sitting within ten meters of you on the bus, in the supermarket, walking down the street is a hungry person.

In every school classroom there is at least one hungry child. One child who cannot focus nor function due to being hungry. Tomorrow’s Leaders, Nurses, Firefighters, Captains of Industry and Menial Workers are being neglected in our education system in the way that we are not providing for the most important people in our world, The Future generations.

What we are not teaching our children is how to care for themselves, take responsibility for their existence, how to live sustainably, how to feed themselves through growing their own, swapping seeds and produce to ensure a balanced, well-fed nation of Future South Africans.

The focus should be on Feeding the Nation before trying to educate brains that have no capacity to absorb any information due to malnutrition. The financial status of the most impoverished in South Africa is such that their best option for survival is to grow their own.

Yet somehow we have a resistance to taking responsibility for ourselves, growing up to believe that our existence is someone else’s problem. Someone else must take care of me.

Either that or the impoverishment is so drastic that there is no mental capacity to comprehend taking care of themselves. No hope.

Imagine a world where food is free

Where anything that comes from the ground, that I can grow or care for myself is free.

Where every sidewalk and park is a free edible garden filled with whatever will grow.

Is that an unreasonable dream?

I pictured a way in which we could alleviate poverty stricken spaces by creating a sense of responsibility for ourselves, a change in attitude – which is all that is required – to taking care of oneself and providing the basic means with which to get people started…

Like scattering seeds along the wide paths in Cape Town. I pictured myself skipping along the pathways with a seed sack with a little hole in it.. doing it like it used to be done. With a bunch of kids all doing the same around Cape Town, with others coming behind with water. Letting nature takes it’s course whilst working the miracle of community togetherness in achieving prosperity.

A Fairytale perhaps but a worthy thought for discussion on alleviating poverty quickly, sensibly whilst providing food for whomever needs it.

We live in one of the most fertile places in the world. Why do we not have PawPaw trees growing along the streets where they grow naturally? Bananas, Mangoes, Apples, Oranges and berries…

450x450GrowtogivetogrowGooseberries alone could provide a wealth of nutrition to children in the impoverished areas and the more you pick, the more they grow. Imagine how much more effective their learning were they to have a handful of gooseberries (nutritional facts) once a week, picked en-route to school as they grow wild along the sidewalks.  Or at the very least along the fences of every school. Add other berries and fruits and within the next generation of students we could be harvesting a generation of geniuses rather than a blathering group of undernourished, disinterested humans who are unable to care for themselves. 





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