Google Gets Bored :: So do Decision Makers


Google is the collective brain of the global community:: As with a brain, it requires constant stimulation.

Creative, intriguing, factual or funny, whatever your content, it must be Real, Unique and RegularĀ to win Google’s affections and the attention of whomever you wish to attract.

What’s forgotten in the general melee of Social Media Marketing is that it’s the actual Human’s attention we are trying to attract. The numbers are important but we need to start with the voice, the language, the care and interest we pay in the Human decision maker with the cash in his pocket, deciding between you and your competitor.

Google gets Bored

When posting photos, descriptions thereof or articles on your blog, make the content actually say something new, something interesting, something of Value to your Clients because they are Google. When Google gets bored of you it takes a lot longer to get back to being popular than it was to become so to begin with.

If you’re not yet popular with Google then re-look at, re-think and re-create your Digital Marketing Strategy to speak the language that will excite Google and your potential clients.





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