Want more time in :: Woodstock

‘ChooseDay’ or Tuesday in most calendars, is the day I reserve for doing the things I choose to do. It’s not a day off. It’s contingency time for unexpected, inexplicable and often, wonderful occurrences.

When working with technology you are practically guaranteed a surprise almost every day, where something will stray from the path you intended. This can render massive financial losses in time and resources so I accommodate that by putting in ‘contingency’ time into every day.

Yesterday, being ChooseDay, it was easy to go along with the prior plans which had been postponed to Tuesday. Woodstock was the destination and for those who live in and spend time in Woodstock, tell me… does the magic rub of, or does it stay on forever?

Woodstock, filled with a plethora of fun, interesting, artistic, creative and innovative ideas. We popped in to the Co-Op where we found the Klickety-Klickety boxes :: read about them in this inspiring article featured in Newspress Now by Sylvia Anderson, written in 2012. Not only are they still going strong, All Women Recycling is still making innovative new products to support the already internationally successful range!

A few images of their products ::

Perfect Womens Day :: Being Inspired by the Women who are already Doing it!

Woodstock’s eclectic and creative vibe really appeals to people such as myself and my colleague, Vee a very talented and sought after Graphic Designer, whom I shared the experience with. We met with clients in a Brand Collaboration, then took a few minutes to breathe in the excitement in the Woodstock air. Wherever there is creativity there is energy and where energy exists, creativity floats easily to the surface.

Sadly I didn’t get much time as other pressing matters which erupted unexpectedly, as they do on Tuesdays, meant us leaving the inspiring ‘village’ earlier than we’d wanted.

An early start and sizzling atmosphere brings on a certain kind of hunger,  calling for a special type of Lunch! We had a cold Coriander & Chilli spaghetti salad with tomato, herbs, onions & sour cream mixed through. It was perfect! (I’ll put the recipe in later, here are a few photos for… drool value!)

All in all a successful Choose Day with grander accomplishments than I originally set out to achieve. Pleased I’ve been re-inspired to explore Woodstock again, revisit and discover all the magic it has to offer.

Recipe :: Coriander & Chilli Pesto Pasta Salad with Sour Cream, Baby Tomatoes & Chives served with fresh Rocket

If you’d like to gather the ingredients for this easy, delicious, sustaining pasta dish which is equally scrumptious, hot or cold. 20 mins of cooking, 5 minutes of prep and you have yourself a filling, protein rich, healthy dinner or lunch.

  • Pasta of your choice- cook according to instructions.
  • Baby Tomatoes – 1/2 cup mini ones, cut in half with scissors
  • Sprouts – 1/2 – Full cup – we make our own
  • Chopped Spring Onions -1/2 Cup
  • Sour Cream – half a tub
  • Pesto – 2 Tbl Spns Coriander & Chilli (can be substituted for Pesto of your choice)
  • Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Thyme, Basil
  • Fresh Rocket Leaves

Really easy. Follow pasta cooking instructions. Put all other ingredients into a bowl, leaving Rocket for serving. Mix Well. Add Pasta. Mix Well.

Serve on a Plate or Bowl with Rocket Leaves for fresh Crunch. Serve Straight from the Fridge if eating cold.

I am on a bit of a Creamy Blue Cheese flavour  hunt so am adding to many of my dishes, this being no exception – it really shouts at you through the other flavours, so if you’re feeling brave or just love Blue Cheese, don’t be shy!

Let me know what you think…

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