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I’m having fun behind the camera again as my focused attention is not in my limitations but in gaining maximum value from every experience.

Driving in a Willys Jeep is fun. It truly is. If you take the correct attitude. It’s exhilarating because every corner is a new surprise, you never know what’s going to happen next.. He’s an Old Man! 1944-2016 and still going strong! No doors, no roof… in city traffic with huge 18-wheeler trucks bearing down on you from behind… can be scary too.

willysattrafficlightI feel privileged to have enjoyed the unusual, eccentric, intriguing and belly-ache, eye-watering laughter that myself and Jess have shared amongst the peaceful, frustrating, stressful, tiring and sad moments that have made this journey so filled with growth, love and understanding. The Willys Jeep rides being just one of the many benefits and privileges I’ve enjoyed…

The Willys Jeep Ride

It’s a toy in comparison to the 4 x 4 that Jessica usually drives; Huberta a fabulous example of a Defender, 110. (She is available to hire for Film Shoots on select locations), and a lot more ‘insecure’ feeling when you’re turning a corner however… the surprise comes in the corner when, instead of falling out, which is what you feel like you’re going to do, you end up staying quite straight, it hugs the road nicely and you sail around the bend without injury.

tunnelvisionOnce on the open road, ok the speedo can’t do much higher than the speed limit so open road is a liberal term, the sense of ‘Caution to the Wind’, exhilaration and freedom from thought (mainly because you’re totally focused on holding onto something, be it hair, hat, seat or skirt). willyspetrol

It’s no picnic ensuring you have enough fuel, as we discovered on our virgin outing together when, after checking, seeing fuel and believing there to be enough, we stuttered to a stop at the entrance to the property. Lucky we had a helping hand from a friendly neighbour, got ourselves to the garage and ‘filled up’ – to the brim!

What can be said is that for an old boy the Willys is a great ride when the sun is shining, there’s not too much traffic – so you don’t get roasted in the roofless conditions, you don’t have to shop at more than one shop as the boot is filled with two logs of firewood, and you have an urge to experience unexpected, mild adventures. Then you can brace yourself for a laughter-filled, unexpectedly famous and weirdly interesting journey where strangers stop and converse like old friends, asking all manner of questions, oohing & ahhing with wistful eyes and fingers itching just to be allowed to touch.

Character, distinctive, robust, sexy, cool .. what else can one say about a Willys… they’re still going strong, they have the pulling power of a cute baby or a puppy with the added benefit of being a really fun and interesting way to get around!

Let me know your thoughts on the Willys Jeep, if you’ve had a ride, owned one or wishing to…

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