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Being a gadget geek & intrigued by new technologies, I have also always been fascinated but terrified by the money markets.

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Trading in stocks and shares has always held an uncomfortable fascination due to my general lack of interest in money. Yes, yes…we need it, cannot do without it blah blah… that doesn’t mean I have to like it, the way it turns people into monsters and ruins innocent lives. I’ve had a mild interest in emerging currencies for some time but have largely been focused elsewhere. Last week I was asked by a colleague to assist with last-minute branding for the Bitcoin Blockchain Africa Conference held in Johannesburg during early March of this year.

My interest piqued, I set out on reading about and investigation of the Bitcoin currency, what it means, what it is and how beneficial it can be to me, a novice in the high stakes of quantum finance.

The research I did turned up a few interesting articles the most informative of them all was on the Business Insider website titled::  What is Blockchain? – which is another emerging market tagged on to Bitcoin.

Crypto Currency :: Bitcoin

CryptoCurrency -- Google Search result.pngGoogle Search Result::

‘cryptocurrency  – noun

a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

My Questions: Who decides on how many Bitcoins you get to start with?

  • Doesn’t every person deserve a vault full considering they’re being generated from thin air?
  • Is there equality in division of cryptocurrency?
  • Who decides when enough Bitcoins have been generated?
  • Or is it neverending?
  • How do I earn Bitcoins?

And this is just for starters… with interest piqued I aim to learn as much as I am able, to become informed but also to become involved in technology that is changing our world. Now to find someone, somewhere who can answer my questions… off to the drawing board.

My questions may seem silly to the educated, but for most of the population these are the basics of what we need to know to learn to trust unchartered currencies.


Wall Street banks are buzzing about blockchain.

Goldman Sachs says the technology “has the potential to redefine transactions” and can change “everything.

Business Insider:: What is Blockchain  – Portia Crowe

And that was the opening lines to the article discussing Blockchain, it’s relation to Bitcoin and what it actually is. What I liked most about the article was the ‘layman’ style it was written in, making it an interesting and intriguing read rather than a struggle through technical terms that were beyond me.

The infographic provided in the article from Business Insider author Portia Crowe gives valuable insight into the Blockchain role in the entire Bitcoin sequence of events. In my limited understanding Blockchain is providing a limitless source of transactions for no fee and that gets my vote, every time!


The article goes on to state the following relationship between Bitcoin & Blockchain ::

Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin, but it has many other uses too

Bitcoin & Blockchain :: The enviable link

So it seems that one without the other is counter productive. I endeavoured to head out on my journey of discovering Bitcoin – couldn’t find a huge amount but when I stepped into the Blockchain domain I was quite taken aback by the ease with which the information was fed to me. Still a little confusing as to how it all functions in the real world but as my knowledge grows so I will be sure to feed the new information through.

What I think :: Crypto is current & future

I am very excited about becoming involved in the entire CryptoCurrency scene, learning as much as I am able to whilst also gaining experience in using it to my benefit in every day. I have been won over, after little but very convincing research, that CryptoCurrency should be embraced in every sector and should now be introduced into schools in particular in Africa where currencies are suffering, resulting in people suffering. This could potentially be alleviated by raising the value of their products, services and offerings if paid in Bitcoins rather than the homeland currency.

Join me on my CryptoCurrency journey by following me to stay up to date, learn more and understand emerging technologies and how they implicate and impact your future.

Should you hold in-depth knowledge of or an interest in either Bitcoin or Blockchain, please enlighten us mere plebeians, educate and inspire us to fill our Blockchain wallets with BTC’s.



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  1. the final verdict on it could possibly be quite secure in the next days. Chile could be the next state for prime to become widespread


    1. Blake S says:

      Hello Katerine, what was the outcome?


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