I am Loved :: unconditionally

For a short time, a long time and for all time:: I am loved by these amazing Animals that have been a part of my life

:: First Foster: Bruno, 2014.

A happy-go-lucky, wonderfully tempered old boy whose body couldn’t hang on anymore so we provided Jelly & Custard (i.e. Whatever you Want with a Ton of Love added) till it was time for the pain-free side of existence. (in my opinion)

Lessons I learned from Bruno:

Every morning he would leap out the kitchen door like Fido with the biggest grin, waggiest tail, bouncing on the grass, as he sniffed the air…  all of which said:

‘Yay!, It’s Today!’  and ‘How Lucky I am to be Alive!’ 

More to come…

Some random dog on the beach that looked like he was having fun…


Helloooo Kitty…

Quite a few of these have meandered into and out of my life, some tugged harder at my heart than others.

First the H-Pack



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