Listen to, rather than look at me, please

When one’s outward appearance overrides the words being said, it’s very difficult to be heard, understood & accepted.

Wherever you are in the world today, should you happen to be in a busy street, classroom or bus station there will be people in your midst who need to be listened to, yet are merely looked at. Whether they be a beggar or a model, an unusually Tattooed person or even a beautiful child.

shadowsandtoesWhat we have to say from our hearts speaks greater volumes than the face you see. It’s why I use my Shadow.

What my face looks like is largely irrelevant to the value of my words, skills, photos, character or anything else about me.

Our body’s are merely an outer covering, a bubble for the tender soul inside.

Oh Look, toes too! A few years ago, pre-selfie (was there such a time?) I began taking photos of my feet. For no reason other than to record Me in the picture. Lucky for me I apparently have very nice feet. You be the judge.

So much so that I was recognised in a local restaurant/bar by my feet. Since there are few, if any headshots of me in public it would be miraculous to recognise me any other way.¬† Approached by a mid-fifties gentleman, he asked my name whilst pointing at my feet, he said ‘I recognise your feet, they’re beautiful. It’s a bit risky though, putting your feet on Facebook, don’t you think?’

Absurd statement or question, but accepted as an opinion. He happened to recognise my feet. One in a million. How many would recognise my face?¬†Sadly, he doesn’t recall anything I’ve said, only the feet.


So do we lose again to outer ‘beauty’ & does it carry more value than the picture I painted of my soul in words?

Or is it because my feet are that outer representation of my soul, that he stopped and perhaps read the words when ordinarily he wouldn’t?

Guess Where :: Studio 26

I believe the subconscious penetration of my words will show value in outer actions down the line and that’s how I ‘pat myself on the back’ thinking I’ve made a small positive difference & I’ve made someone smile today.

:: What I think

Is that we should all start to look at one another differently. Instead of beauty outside, look for the Soul Purpose of the people in your life. Pay Respect, Show Gratitude and Be Kind. Listen carefully for we all have a soul song to sing.

Please feel free to share or leave your thoughts, ask a question or be bold and say something arbitrary, just because.

Thank You for reading. Blake. S



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