Less About Me:: More Of What’s Important

As I scroll through the Categories to decide the actual meaning of What’s Important & how to portray it, I chance upon: Chocolate

With my children’s laughter in my head, I smile and hear them, in unison, saying ‘Chocolate! Definitely Chocolate’ … giggling and salivating in fantasy.

‘Coz how can you be sad when you have Chocolate?’

So, Thereupon we have the Category decided.

What’s really important? Is it Me? Or is it the purpose of us all? Is Chocolate Really that important? Why does it feel like such a sin? I ask many questions yet they all, always lead me to one common factor

:: The Law of Nature 

By LuisovallesOwn work, CC BY 3.0,

Me and Nature

I have always instinctively followed the law of nature. Even as a child, my instincts were honed. My earliest memories are of awareness of surroundings, alert to natural dangers other children knew nothing of. I’m grateful daily for the privilege of having a smallholding as a home for a few priceless years when very young,  with freedom to roam through embankments of trees past geese, ducks, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, to pigstys (breeding – beware of the Mama – a tale for another day) to meet up with our friends, Katrina and Meganga who lived on the other side of the green slimy pond we ‘weren’t allowed to play in’. Even to get tadpoles!

When I look back now at the dangers we faced daily with spiders, insects, snakes, falling into ponds and drowning, accidentally being shot because we roamed where they were shooting buck… it astounds me we all lived to tell the tale!

The Law Of Nature and our respect for her depicts who gets hurt and who doesn’t when in her domain. The human race has decreed itself King of the Earth and in so doing has removed Mother Nature as our instinctive healer, helper and decision maker.

Why is Chocolate bad? Why can it not be the most important part of my diet?

Bar of Guittard chocolate.jpg
By Stu SpivackGuittard single origin bittersweet chocolate, CC BY-SA 2.0,

‘My Reasoning:

If Mother Nature did not want us to have Chocolate, then why is Cocoa

  • so delicious,
  • nutritious,
  • easy to use,
  • add and include in our daily diet.’

So, who decides on What’s Important?

Who Decides on what’s important is and should rightly be You. No other human can dictate, decide or prescribe to you what is right for you. Now do not begin to believe you can behave like an indignant child and start with ‘see, I told you it’s My Decision to….. ‘ if whatever you are doing has a negative effect on any other human, plant or animal, then it goes against the Law of Nature. And in so doing, is wrong.

Let it also be said that one must rely on the wisdom of those who know better, listen, learn and ask questions to make a conscious decision.

Therefore think carefully and ask yourself:: Is Chocolate really that important?

My simplistic approach to the Law of Nature:

  1. Respect::
    1. Yourself first and enough to treat, in equal quantity, at all times all:
      1. PEOPLE
      2. PLANTS
      3. PETS
  2. Gratitude::
    1. Always, in all things be gracious, be grateful and do with grace.
  3.  Kindness::
    1. At all times and without exception

What’s really important is How You Treat Yourself because that is a direct reflection of how you will treat others.

Chocolate? Or the Law of Nature? Or are they the same?

Chocolate is infinitely easier, more delicious and rewarding than abiding the laws of nature. Therefore they are not the same.

The Law of Nature decrees that Humans shall enjoy the taste, texture and capabilities of the raw product Mother Nature has provided whilst ensuring that it is jam packed full of goodness!

My Reasoning: Chocolate is Good For You.

**Made in the right way, with the raw ingredients**

Moderation in all things:: take only what you need

‘You can never be sad when you have chocolate’

So, go ahead and Treat Yourself!

But don’t be fooled. Chocolate is not of mother nature completely and therefore caution should be taken. Man has taken Mother Nature, added chemicals and sugars we don’t need that fascinate our taste buds, exploding them into a neverland of joy…bringing us back time and time again… Making Chocolate Bad.

Live Guilt Free:

Stick to Mother Nature in all things, Focus on the Laws of Nature and find your balance in processing complex issues like:: ‘What’s really important?’  using Instinct to find your Truth.



We made our own chocolate using raw Cocao and other raw ingredients.
We followed a simple recipe on the cocao nibs packet. It is not sweet. It’s bitter, like dark chocolate.. however.. if like me you sparkle when you’re sweet, add Local Raw Honey. (Will find recipe and add here).

We sometimes add nuts, whole or crushed, berries and fruit bits. It’s a great way tWhat I think .. about .. Not Just Food.o feast and feel no guilt.

Let us know what You think…below.






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