I am Blake. S,

Exposed, mostly as a Shadow you will learn more of me from my words and my photos than you will from my face.

Blake. S + What I Think  Accredited Influencer Webfluential

And stories of my passtimes, favorite places and things to do are told in the images and philosophies you’ll see. If you look closely you could learn a lot of who I am. Blake is how I write. In particular for philosophical thoughts that require a third party expression, perspective and understanding in order to fully process the learning value.

And it’s fun being someone new where there are no pre-judgements laid and expression of self is easy. Many writers do this to detach from their writing including Content Writers in the Digital Marketing Industry.

IMG_7287Everything I’ve written is as it was… with a degree of separation for the sake of alleviating boredom and seeming too long winded, of course. It’s a Magazine not a Readers Digest Volume.

What I think was re-born to alleviate a situation I found myself in where almost every piece of work I completed no longer offers a value to me for the next step in my career.

Universal Law::

What we do not need, will not be within our grasp, unless we reach back for it.

Looking ahead I had a few options. One was to straighten myself out:: Yoga, Meditation, Eating Properly, Working on my Portfolio… so begins the journey.

Recreate Myself:

To recreate oneself in a short space of time whilst under pressure is never easy but often raises us above our expectations of ourselves expanding our potential beyond our imaginings.

:: Follow your intuition:

Instinct; you can always rely on it.   A year ago I started What I think.. on a domain (it will move back to shortly.) which I ‘played around with‘ for a few months then had to ‘let lie’ whilst I tended other business. Whilst dormant, I’d been tossing around ideas of how to present the Magazine to best portray My Thoughts when suddenly 2016 became a reality. What I think was nowhere near the Portfolio piece it should have been, nor was it conveying messages to the most important people…

During December 2015, whilst in Durban, a magnificent part of the country, I found new ways of learning, new ways of doing things and that doing them with Love was the common denominator to success. (My version of Success)

An epiphany struck me of precisely how I wanted to present my Expressionist Magazine.

And so the journey began. All things not being as I thought they would, I’ve encountered a few seemingly impossible hurdles. Just another ‘curve ball’ from the universe one might say.  I’d say an ideal opportunity to change the status quo.

What I Think .. was re-born, restructured, revived with an entirely new spin on the content, presentation and perspective of the Magazine. The Resurrection began 9 days ago.  I have since added 27 Posts, a few followers and, I’m pleased to say the site is gaining interest from influential people I set out to attract, because of the way I’ve set it up, made it look, feel and breathe into people’s consciousness.

Back to Blake:

I’ve led a fascinating, most un-ordinary, sometimes difficult but always adventurous life. I’m 44 tomorrow (27 Feb), inspired to change the status quo, I am seeing things differently, therefore showing myself differently. My photos speak a language all of their own. Technically imperfect, unedited and ‘as they are’ is precisely how I see things and how they should be shown.

Wherever I am, I am absorbing, identifying, learning, seeing, understanding and feeling the moments. Recording them in unusual ways to communicate the wondrous things I find in my days, as naturally and distinctively, Blake. S as I can.

Where I’ve Been:

I’ve lived around South Africa, in Wales & Kent UK, travelled europe a bit and most recently the Western Cape – you’ll figure out where soon enough. One day you may even catch up with me. I love to travel and aim to earn a living::  Traveling, Taking Photographs and Writing just as I have in What I think

What I See:

My Focus is not always what others will see. In this ‘Pink Sunset Series’ of photos taken in Hermanus, I found it fascinating how even genders disappear in the sunset, colors blend and life is filled with undeniable peace when meandering into scenes such as this.


By entering my journey of forward motion and getting as far as this in the reading it will now be clear to you that I am en-route to doing what I am most passionate about.

My journeys thus far tell the fun I’ve had, people I’ve met and places I’ve been, presenting South Africa, her people and places in an entirely new way.  Whilst taking my readers on new journeys each day, finding new ways to whet their appetite to return, follow and keep reading, this is not a travel journal.

What I think is about expression, telling stories, saying something of value, conveying messages of inspiration, aspirations and endeavours to be a better person each day.

growtogivetogrowI’m very passionate about poverty alleviation, go to Grow to Give to Grow to learn more about that. Also in resurrection mode, this project is very dear to me and is next on the list of areas of my life to ‘finish’ the project’.


LOGOHEADERIMAGE3As you may have noticed a part of my portfolio is the elegantly presented Previously Lovedza store where treasured items are looking for a new home. This is born out of the need to restore order to my life, wardrobe and, subsequently that of my friends whom also seem to be keen to relieve themselves of a few treasured items. This will be advanced into an online store with payments etc in the very near future.

This project will continue to form a part of my life, even if merely as a Brand concept for my Portfolio although it is currently being put together as a functioning, earning enterprise, with real products for sale.  Go Look!

That’s where it ends for Blake for now. Everything else you need to learn about me can be found on What I Think.

Let me know What You Think!

Blake. S

Intrepid Learner.

And as we go so you shall see me in full color.


Technically Speaking:

What I think…is currently showing about 10% of what I’m capable of technically on the website presentation, UI, UX, Content, CTA’s and more. This will come when we re-instate the original domain.


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