2 Girls in a Willys Jeep:: Extraordinary Fun!

Doing things Africa style today, Jess and I went out in the Willys Jeep. A 1944 Model with original everything…yes, even the engine. The liberation you feel of not being cooped up in a car!

Jess asked if I’d help out – OK, I’d offered a few times –  at the Studio today [Studio 26 – Outdoor Film (stills) Studio] as I had a few hours spare. Being Jessica’s apprentice/assistant has its advantages… Like driving in a Willy’s Jeep. Oh.. did I say that already?

Well, the fun began before even getting into the car as one needs to check the fuel, manually, which is under the front driver seat, which is on the left. Open top, free as a bird and the perfect weather for it.

We left the Jeep to rest up and look super cool whilst Jessica directed me to my chores…

Pot of paint & roller in hand I headed off to the two ‘little walls’ I needed to paint. Twice. IMG_20160225_120046

Easy, I thought… Ha! This is me… scroll..keep scrolling…

After painting two walls.

Jessica, quite pleased with my efforts directed me to the next little chore…

When I started I thought I’d never finish.


Until I looked back at how far I’d come in what seemed like a very short space of time. Painting a floor may seem like an inordinately boring thing to do, or crazy to even see a value in the actions. However, as far as therapeutic value is concerned, it offers great ‘escape’ from thinking. Meditation of sorts.

Whatever the task at hand, it’s always easier accomplished with a quiet determination to finish, come what may.

The sky was exceptionally blue and beautiful today. Not many clouds made it very Hot work but Ooohhh So cleansing seeing the transformation of the walls and floors to the pristine palette.  There’s something ver satisfying about doing a physical activity where you accomplish something of value. Where one activates change, creates or makes something. My father was big on the ‘if you not making something then you should be cleaning something’ :: Being a Goldsmith and coming from a family of artisans it stands to reason that our level of accomplishment is gauged by the physical differences or changes in an item or space.

It’s a very interesting change of perspective from the desk jockeys who would feel this work far too physically taxing, boring, daunting or just plain daft to even consider this a valuable exercise.

Where I come from, what I’ve done and what I plan to do means that doing ‘menial’ tasks like this are extremely pleasurable to me, offer me opportunities to do strange and wonderful things like take a ride in a Willys Jeep, take photos of a spectacular scenery and enjoy the company of an incredible friend!

Added Benefits are:  to remove myself completely from my reality, focusing purely on the whiteness of the floor whilst improving on my Vitamin D intake (part of my medical regime) and I get to use my muscles in a completely different way whilst lovingly breathing fresh air…

How much better does the day get?

The day gets better when the homeward bound view is Table Mountain.. Cape Towns beauty continues to surprise and delight as each new day and dusk holds it’s own kind of magic.

And you finish with an exquisite array of the most delectable, fresh, succulent veggies and salad ingredients all smothered in a red pepper dressing from Rawlicious

Yes, I took a lot of photos of the same salad. Yes, it was divine! Recipe available soon. So, from a Willys to a Wonderful Salad, a suntan, fresh air, meditation, exercise and accomplishments all in a day… How does it get better? You’ll see!



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