Inspiring Woman:: Jessica Garvie

:: Inspiring Woman Jessica Garvie,  Soul Sister extraordinaire.

[Self Portrait] Loving her job as Film (Stills) Location manager of Studio 26 – Open Air Film (Stills) Studio, she fills her time easily between her stunning animals, her appreciation of nature and being a natural healer. In every sense of the word, Jessica lives life to her own special degree of pleasure and passion.

:: Work:

On the 21st January I had the privilege of seeing the studio. An outdoor wonder that has been tastefully included into the existing landscape.

Jessica’s love of nature, ease of self and passion for the industry means that whether she’s painting the set, showing off the sites to prospective clients or resolving complex booking issues, she’s also truly deeply loving what she is doing.

It’s inspirational to be at the open air studio, thinking so many photos have been shot at this location that hold together an industry of fashion, trends, adverts all of which change our lives as well as films and clips that are shown the world over.

And my friend, Jess is there every single day! Envy of Note!

The open air studio is quite breathtaking from every angle, each promising a new intake of wondrous breath. Every moment I spent in the ’empty space’ was filled with release of stress as the breeze whipped and whistled round corners in hot or cool gusts depending on the vista.

Jessica has always been an inspiration to me. A young, intrepid traveller she has seen the world, lived abroad, returned to her motherland and is loving the directions her decisions have taken her. At 42 Jessica has reached the place where she’s got the courage, confidence and tenacity to instinctively know that all that she dreams of, is within her grasp. She purposely lives her passions daily, never missing a day of beauty. And in that, in my opinion, Jessica Garvie is one of the most successful woman I know.

:: She

A Reiki healer, Jessica’s calm happiness is infectious and, I have no doubt, endears her to every person she meets. A bright, open face with Love written all over it, she settles you immediately.

Being a busy person with an irregular schedule, without effort instills an indisputable calmness in her home which is reflected in the peaceful hearts of her animals. Adored by their ‘mother’, they respond to calm, quiet yet controlling commands, some even silent without complaint or disobedience. An absolute pleasure to bear witness to.

Myself and Jess have been friends for over twenty years. A solid friendship formed through acceptance, an instinctive understanding, never a judgement or a criticism between us. Discussions on every subject and nature in a way that is both opinionated, enlightening and a welcome learning experience for us both, are the order of the day as we both remain focused on growth.

It’s very easy to be friends with someone who listens, gives honest opinions and is open to new ideas.

Jessica follows a mostly raw Plant diet. There is no ‘designation’ or ‘label’ for what she consumes or why. It’s just what suits her body. It also changes according to her health, work demands, time of year and if she fancies an omelette or not.

I respect, but have been a little weary of, the whole raw food thing. Never cooking doesn’t equate in my brain to being a way to live. Likewise for many of us, I guess.

I call her a ‘raw-veggie-freak’. I have a few friends like this. My curiosity has got me investigating.

So I’ve descended upon her for a few days to see how this all works. To truly grasp what the benefits are and to learn as much as possible about natural products, their values and how best to use them.

She is a wealth of information I’ve been yearning to tap into so I’m very excited about sucking all the Juicy knowledge from her.

You’ll Find a few blog posts where Jess is mentioned… Please Use the Search Jess to see where she fits in and how it all works out on the vegan front for me.

Studio 26: [photos to be inserted]

Huberta:[photos to be inserted]

Dogs?[photos to be inserted]


I’d like to add about the Photography – put in a few as well as link to page.


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