Guilt:: It rides us Like a Wild Stallion

488x296Guilt1When in doubt, add guilt to the recipe for a full blown explosion of self pitying, reverse motion degradation.

That is: You load yourself with a ton (literally) of weight on your physical and emotional shoulders. The weight carries pressure through your entire body. Guilt can show as simply as indigestion.

I know… it’s a weird concept but it’s true. I hurt my back a few years ago.. well, back + other – keeping it simple and private coz it’s largely irrelevant at this point – and someone said to me

‘you’re holding all your emotional pain there and you are not breathing’.

At first you ‘poo-poo’ any ideas anyone gives you that you may possibly be stupid enough to be giving yourself pain. I mean, really!? Are we as humans, that incognizant of ourselves as an entire being, that we would intentionally damage ourselves?

Truth is always in the putting into practice to see if there are any results. I am always looking for fresh ways to do things, I entered a journey of learning about my body and what it needs. The Journey thus Far has been interesting to say the least.

One of the greatest stumbling blocks to Living in the Now is

:: Guilt!

Oh and how we love it. It absolves so many ills if we just feel guilty…Pile it on… then it’ll all be OK. It’s water under bridge as long as I keep the guilt.

:: Fact

Guilt is felt by the wearer alone.

No good comes from guilt. It’s a wasted emotion. I talk a lot about wasted emotions. I believe that any negative emotion is wasted when overused. Yes, experience Anger. Let it be fleeting, recognise it for what it is, what brought it on and focus on repairing the problem. That’s not dwelling, that’s solving the issue.

When you spend time learning to find your triggers… Looking at You rather than those whom you believe have harmed you (I know we were talking about Guilt… it’s all intertwined) because your reactions to perceived hurts has caused more hurt and there is where the guilt is born.

Happiness triggers are what we should focus on. Instead society has taught us to be weary, anxious, distrusting, cautious so we focus on the issues we’ve dumped at our own doors by not paying attention to the situation in the here and now. Always ahead or behind. Adding guilt as we go.

:: Solution

Step One:: Forgive Yourself!!

Nothing happens until you forgive yourself for being human. For Not listening to your instinct and for allowing external circumstances to dictate your decisions. Accept responsibility for the results and…

:: Finally

Make Right the Wrongs. Take a Deep Breath.

Whatever it takes. However long it takes.

:: How?!

Set yourself free by doing one thing a day that makes you absolve yourself of the self-imposed guilt. (Others cannot give you guilt unless you accept it)

Even if it’s writing the list one day and actioning one thing a day.

Get it ticked it off, place it in a file in your brain of ‘things I never have to deal with again because all the pain associated is gone’ and let it dissolve into yesterday.

Own your part in the Play. Take responsibility. Take Action. Start with Forgiveness, moving quickly to action to dissolve. Let me know how you get on.

:: Fun thing to addIMG_20150901_085855.jpg

I like to create space in my mind for happy things so each time I dissolve something
troublesome, guilt riddled or nasty, I replace it with a wonderful, happy and successful memory of that time. There are always little quips or images or instances that you can pop in to overtake that memory. Lifting you one level closer to Contentment every day. Let me know your thoughts…

Always end your day with Gratitude of what has been, what you have and what will be. Smile. Happiness is inside. 

:: Important to Note488x296GuiltFeatured3

:: My Guilt


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