Monday Night Celebration:: Vegan Style

Pleasure upon layer of pleasure! Aubergine! The forbidden word unless it’s within grasp. We do love our Aubergine.

Having accomplished great things we celebrated with a feast prepared by Jess. (who will be providing photos much better than mine soon). The Not so Boring Vegan Food!

Aubergine roasted then grilled came out with toasty skin and smooth meat which blended so beautifully with it’s cradle of  mashed sweet potato. Not to be forgotten, the Mushroom! Large and Luscious, sat proudly with it’s crown of vinaigrette. The ensemble emulated an operatic performance.

Herewith soon the recipe.

Below something to whet the appetite

I felt quite satisfied with this meal from a ‘meat eaters’ perspective. When you eat meat and carbohydrates it falls to the bottom of your tummy, giving you a full feeling which is in fact just a heavy bloated feeling.

I love my meat, don’t get me wrong but I need to keep the balance more to the veg and alternative proteins and so do most. We just choose to ignore it. You only really feel it and understand it when you reduce or remove carbohydrates from your diet and slow down on meat, alternating with other proteins is always a good idea. Moderation.

Back to the Aubergine, Sweet Potato and Mushroom stack… the sweet potato cradled the bitterness of the aubergine and it’s ‘sticky’ skin with the Mushroom stealing the show. Perfectly cooked. Lovingly stacked.

Dressing/Drizzle: recipe en-route.

Avo sliced / quartered with quartered baby Tomatoes drizzled with the same dressing as above.




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