Art for Sale: John Van Reenen – Original Oil

John Van Reenen is a renowned South African Artist with a bold and varied subject matter and style. Anything from Boer War atrocities in etchings to a Rastafarian Watermelon Party in oils on canvas.


John and I were very close a few years back. We had a beautiful friendship and comraderie. He adored my children whom loved him equally and unequivocally. [whether he spoilt them or not]. John’s passion for music was echoed in his sound system and music collection from all corners of the world and in particular Africa, North I think being one of his favorites.

He lived in a fantastic purpose built artists Studio in Voelklip with double volume ceiling. The Studio had a fab balcony, great for sundowners. During our times together, John loaned me a number of his works of art to adorn my walls. I felt very spoiled by having the Water Nymph, sadly that was the one he wouldn’t let me have.. instead I was given…

John Van Reenen – Oil on Canvas – Astral Series – Color depicted is less vibrant. Will add new photos soon. Please mail if you’re in a hurry

Many of his longer standing admirers may not necessarily see this as his finest work but this epitomises the John Van Reenen that I know and Love. Part of the Astral Series, it was my next favorite amongst the artworks that John adorned my walls with. The day he needed to retrieve his pictures he gave this to me. They had all been a part of our lives for around six months so had grown into our version of home. I was quite overwhelmed (and very pleased as I’d purposely purchased curtains to match!), John’s continued generosity and kindness has always been his most endearing feature.  Anyway, John is alive and kicking in Calitzdorp.  (He will appreciate the joke regardless, despite or because of the fact that he had to have one of his lower legs removed).

Although John and our memories together remain very dear and close to my heart, the art I’ve loved for so long needs to be loved by someone new.

Should this artwork intrigue, interest or make you wanna shout R100k! Please get in touch via Email here. We’d love to hear your comments below. (More photos available soon).

  • Artist: John Van Reenen
  • Genre: Abstract
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Dimensions:
  • Frame: Unframed
  • Postage & Packaging: Additional. Worldwide

More photos available soon, in the interim should you have an interest, please contact me on 074 753 1746 (+27) or email.



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