Grow to Give to Grow

We all have a side of us that wants to do good.Grow To Give to Grow

Mine is
becoming a source of serious frustration. Having started this project in concept and ‘design’ in 2014 it’s taken what feels like way too long to get to fruition.

Two years on and I feel as though I’m no further in my mission however what I have learned is worth a great deal. On the sad side I am still not even eating my own home grown veg yet. [read about why later]

You can read more about the Grow to Give to Grow Project project here and should you have any inspiring ideas of how to move it forward, please share!

The moral of the story is to always surround yourself bepoortoknowluxuryofgivingwith people who inspire
you to be a better you, to do more, give more and be more than yesterday.

During the process of getting the Grow to Give to Grow project going, I have learned a lot about planting vegetables, growing herbs, what goes where and what to do when infested with pests like snails. Or how to avoid it.

All of these I’ll be sharing with you as well as advising if they can be planted in pots, how deep and whether or not they need sun. Doing my best to give as much of what I have learned to those who may be inspired to grow their own vegetables, salads and herbs.

I have tagged a few of the plants I’ve successfully grown and will provide as much info as possible to help you grow the confidence to grow your own.

Don’t forget to check out the Grow To Give To Grow project page for photos and more info.


Funding: Yes.. we need it.

A New Site: Yes, Please! One we have a guarantee on to avoid further disruption.

Where: Anywhere there is a need for food.

Some of the veggies and herbs I’ve grown thus far..


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