Roses Only Grow where Love Lives

Profound statement or true results?

Either way, the roses that were replanted a few weeks ago are now in bloom.

Budding away and prettily frolicking in the wind…

I was filled with renewed hope today for brighter, better days going forward into 2016. The beginning of which has been anything but a smooth path for many.

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I was reassured late in 2015 ‘that which we do not need will be discarded in 2015, renewal and realisation of plans in place is what 2016 offers.

Hope is renewed.

So for the lazy suckers who did nothing in 2015,  sorry for you my friend… its looking dim. Those of us who put in hard graft and hours of painstaking effort will see rewards this year.

Yay fir Us! Watch my rewards unfold in 2016.


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