First Thursdays in Cape Town

Arty Fiesta is what I call it… what it is, is an Arty Fiesta… all the art gallery’s open their doors in the evening, offering wine or soft drinks, special interest events.


Barefeet amidst the sparkle of Lights (If you know which store this is from, please email me details so can credit. Thanks, Blake. S)




With the abundance of restaurants in Cape Town the evening is always filled with fresh, vibrant colors, shapes and… Food!No foodie photos this time but take a look at these for a taster in the interim…

I’m really looking forward to going again as the first visit was so vibrantly busy that I need to return to take a more ‘breathy’ meander through the streets of Cape Town on First Thursday.

New Thoughts:: 05.03.2016

I paid attention to a radio broadcast the other day and learned that even the politicians are using First Thursdays as an opportunity to gain votes. I wonder how this impedes the sense of freedom, creativity and inspiration on the evening?

Your thoughts?



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