Excercise… Me? Ha! Good Luck!

And here we have it, me doing Yoga.. voluntarily at 5.30a.m. every morning. Well, for the first three, anyway. This morning I decided to give my exhausted body a break. Can’t over do it! Getting Old, have to be careful.

What I did in it’s stead was indulge in a book. Written by Eckhart Tolle (pronounced Tolla), The Power of Now is an ideal book for those struggling to sleep. It may sound strange now but when you begin to read the book you will understand how important being in the Now, conscious, aware and appreciative of the now and so doing it will help you sleep more easily at night. Trust me. I have a doctorate in sleepless nights.

I have learned through my life’s pain that the only way to live is to

Live in this moment because that is all we have.

Mr Tolle echos that throughout.

Learning to Make the most of now, which in my language is showing Love first, above anger, retribution, vindictiveness, possessiveness and blame. By carrying out simple yet highly effective mental exercises in patience, Love and understanding through caring and kind communication we can accomplish great peace in our souls and those whom we harbour negative emotions for.

This does take a lot of breathing. Conscious breathing so prepare yourself.

Anyway, back to today. Inspired by the Now I decided that my physical exercise for today would be to get my hands much closer to my toes when bending forward.

Reason: flexibility, stretching, muscle building and… well, I could do it when I was a teenager and I want to be able to do it again!

Jessica (also owner of Huberta – available for shoots), being the manager of Studio 26 Outdoor Film Studio (Stills) has had the privilege of meeting a melee of intriguing people from around the world. Recently she acquired a couple of samples of revolutionary exercise products from a German born innovator and Physiotherapist.

One of these is a little ‘foot massager’ which she’d been given permission to try out.

More details of this product to followThis is not a sales pitch. As you read it, is how it is.  This little roll of magic has made such an impact on me I had no choice but to share.

So, the little foot massager is used by standing upright, placing the ball of one of your feet onto the roller and, with some pressure, rolling slowly back and forth. As you roll you feel a number of different ‘pain’ sensations. When one is particularly painful, you go back to it, step up the pressure and breathe through it. 10-15 seconds was all I managed.

The first time I tried it with my left foot (about two days ago). The test and results was this:

  • Bend over as far as you can to touch your toes. I was about 30cm from the ground. Struggling.
  • Using the ‘foot massager’ as described above…15-20 seconds of pressure on the point of most pain.
  • Retry the Toe-Touching: Took me down at least 15cm.

Today I tried it. Breathing deeply, making a conscious Now decision that I want to be able to touch the oversized green toilet roll holder when done with this. I was about 15cm off the ground at the start.

Breathing consciously I then did the roll thingy under my right foot. WOW! Not only did I touch it, I held it for a few seconds and … I picked it UP! Whala! Oversized Green Toilet Rolls are my best friend!

So what I did to help make it happen:

  1. I was very conscious of my goal
  2. I was focused on pulling my tummy in to extend my upper body, therefore my reach
  3. I was focused on extending my arms
  4. I allowed my breathing to extend my leg muscles to get me the extra mm stretch.

I am a great believer in the power of the mind however, we can only do as much as we allow ourselves or push ourselves. I am not a fan of pain so feel that it shouldn’t be necessary to achieve progress. I also know now that without a little ‘pain’ in the muscles that have forgotten what they are there for, there will be no progress.

With the assistance of a devine little device I have achieved a fantastic result but not without the additional concentration and meditated focus to assist. i.e. I don’t think the ‘machine’ can do all the work… just saying…This little magic thing is going down in history as my favorite exercise toy, Gadget Ever!

**The magical roll is called ‘BLACKROLL’ – click the link to view exercises and more info on this amazing little product.


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