Do you take time out to Lie and Look at the Sky?

To most people spending half an hour lying in long grass looking at the sky is a waste of precious time better spent running around like a headless chicken.

I know… I watch them all the time. Always busy doing something to be busy, look busy or say they’re busy or be stressing. Deadlines. The more stressed you appear the busier and subsequently the more successful you appear to be. Hhhmmm.. I have my opinions..

I cannot comment on success but I do believe that taking time out to lie and look at the sky is a vital way to reorganise, reenergise and take stock of your reality whilst also drifting neatly into a land of ‘nothing matters-ness’. That’s a place I like to spend time.

Being in nature is a wonderful introduction or way to meditate as you automatically drift into a serenity and calm when totally focused on its beauty. Try it.

Less Stressed = More Blessed.


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