Watermelon & Mint Smoothie

WOW! Burst of Bright, Happy Liquid Light first thing in the morning!

Oh my word we are in heaven… total heaven! We managed to acquire a rather large or should we say ‘Monster’ Watermelon. After giving half of it away we were still left with too much to refridgerate and eat in one day. So we froze… and we froze and we froze…

And now we have Foozies! The most delectable, frozen Watermelon Smoothie that tastes like Milkshake you have ever tasted… Ever!

Easy Recipe: Watermelon, Mint & Banana Froozie or Smoothie (with  or without Prickly Pears)Watermelon & Mint Smoothie

Blender – A proper blender is better as the motor is stronger than the handhelds

Watermelon: cut into small piece, frozen.

You can leave them out for 5 mins or so to thaw slightly or make sure they’re small so they don’t block the blade.

Banana: Yes.. One Freshly freezer-removed Banana. Believe It! Again, slice the banana prior to freezing. We do ours in the container, keeping the banana ‘whole’ for easy portioning.

Watermelon, Mint & Banana Froozie / Smoothie

Mint: We have mint and peppermint so I took about 5 leaves of each and some stalks (coz it’s got lotsa buzz) – tossed in whole. (you can use dried but try to grow some. It’s a great way to have a beautiful smelling home too)

Secret Ingredient: Coconut Oil – tablespoon/so.

Water: tap water – about 250ml for medium thickness. Add water as you like.


Added bonus ingredient:

Prickly Pears! I peeled, sliced and tossed in these little gems hhhmmm…they make the mountain come to Mohammed in Smoothie-Froozies.

This honestly makes a deliciously smooth crushed ice breakfast, wake up call, sundowner or night cap on a hot day. We filled the blender to about 750mls with water and added a tablespoon or two of Goji Berry concentrate (we’d made two days before)

Take a look at our other recipes with more healing remedies that cost less, taste better, do good and make your taste buds dance with every mouthful!

Do not panic meat eaters and hot foodies, I have plenty of those too…


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