Vegetarian Lasagne or Courgette Sushi

Want a real meat and white sauce flavour… close your eyes and believe…

JVegan Lasagne / sushiessica loves her vegan lasagne which is also Raw! Yes… completely uncooked and it does Not disappoint!

The secret, we have found, after layering the ingredients as with a traditional lasagne, is to rather roll it like Sushi! Tastes so much like Lasagne I bet meat eaters would not know the difference with eyes shut.

Being a meat eater myself, when one mentions Lasagne you have a certain flavour range simmering on your taste buds. Bring on the Courgette Sushi (Lasagne) and you will be totally satisfied. I’m in Love with the flavours, texture and consistency of this devine little heap of heaven.

Using Courgettes and the ‘cheese’ and ‘meat’ recipes from Rawlicious, this little gem is one to add to the list of Must Have’s on your cocktail party menu, picnic menu, dinner party menu and your.. I’m-hungry-and-want-something-right-now menu.

Recipe to follow in full soon.


sliced thinly length ways – the large the courgettes the better but not too large as they become a little bitter and aren’t great for raw eating.

Confirming meat and cheese ingredients… to be added soon.




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