Vegan Sushi You’ll Love!

Best Vegan Sushi EverStuck for a Vegan alternative for ‘fussy’ friends? This Vegan Sushi will have them loving you more than they already do!

Stuck for something to eat. I started with Guacamole. After that I had absolutely no idea which way to go to make this a raw vegan sensation that would fill the little ‘ache’ in my tummy for something ‘heavy’ as us meat & carb eaters are accustomed to feeling.

Jess to the rescue! Whipping out a seaweed sheet, a quick chop and slice of a carrot, cucumber and pepper with the Guacamole as a base, this Sushi was absolutely devine. Paired with Tamari sauce (just a dash) and a little wasabi, the real deal could not have compared in flavour, texture and pure delight.

Preparing the Veg:

We put in Guacamole as the base (see recipe here)

Finely sliced in lengthways strips:

  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Red Pepper

I personally think Sushi shouldn’t have too many components simply because it becomes too bulky and with too many flavours can become a bit overwhelming.

Other veggy items you may like to add or swap for to give a totally different flavour

  • Courgette (baby marrow)
  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Mushroom
  • Spring Onion

First prep everything. Then get your Sushi roll, seaweed and a little water for damping the edge.

Add a medium thick layer of Guacamole to the seaweed then add the remaining ingredients. Remember not to make it too thick. If, like me, you like your Sushi edible in one lady-like bite, brace yourself from being too ‘greedy’ with the ingredients and you’ll end up with a very sexy little sushi parcel that’ll be filled with gorgeous flavours that’ll pop.




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