Dinner:: Roast Sweet Potato with…

OH My Goodness! Mushrooms are mushrooms are mushrooms but oh my… they are Not!

Jess was feeling energetic so took over on dinner!

She prepared sliced roast sweet potato with Coconut oil, Salt (Himalayan), Pepper and Herbs (Sage, Basil, Thyme) whilst sweating off the onions with garlic…

Red Peppers (being her favorite) and lastly adding in the Oyster Mushrooms

Served with cold, fresh Broccoli (and Akire Salsa – get the recipe here – you’ll want it), Boiled Sweet Corn with butter and Himalayan Salt, the Sweet potato slices were lavishly smothered with the onion and mushroom which was given a lift by the Akire Salsa.

This was truly a delicious, easy and satisfying meal. Well, it was easy for me, I watched and ate! Highly recommend the taste combo.

Oh… we finished off with a chocolate and nut swirly sauce over strawberries… Recipe available here.



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