Fresh Start:: Yoga.

Aaaiii… Who Would Have thought. Me n Yoga?

And this after last night’s most delicious dinner. Which I prepared… all by myself! Like a really big, vegan girl. Thing is… this is so much of the way that I truly enjoy eating. So it’s a transition rather than a challenge. An adjustment of thinking.


The menu for yesterday, 16th of February 2016, included our starter coffee as an absolute essential.

Jess and I agreed we’d start our days at 5am. Irrespective of what the day held. The demands of her position being unpredictable, changing by the hour makes it difficult to keep a routine. Having an imposter in your space doubles the effort required.

IMG_20160216_120056To get the most out of my days I committed to

Continue to focus on enhancing my routine to be most effective in fulfilling my dreams and passions daily.

in the ‘Growth’ section during a recent exercise I did on the Mindvalley website here:  Goal Setting Redefined. 

After a gentle Yoga and stretching session we meandered off into our own spaces until it was time for Green Juice – fresh, Yum and filled with the Vitamin K injection I’ve been missing. As well as a ton of Vitamin C and just really, good honest, devine tasting veggy flavours.
Jessica had invited me to spend the day with her meeting clients for a recce at Studio 26, finishing with a brunch/lunch and capuccino at the coffee shop on the farm at Contermans Kloof. Stunning day for it as there was barely a breath of wind, mostly blue skies and an appetite for an omellete.

For dinner I decided to brave the fridge of fantasy.IMG_20160216_200309

I’ve been feeling like Salad. With a very wealthy mix of ingredients I Love but am unaccustomed to making a raw meal with, it’s all been a bit confusing and maybe overwhelming.

I love small bits of everything on my fork when I eat a salad. Large chunks of one thing makes it -not-a-salad the definition of which which to me is a tossing of lively ingredients into a bowl.

What I see on my plate I must taste in my mouth… I noticed when Jess makes a salad she tries to add as much of all the daily  Vitamin, Mineral etc requirements into it, to ensure a balanced diet. This is what was in my salad last night. I think I covered quite  few bases.

I love it. It was fun, had a splash of everything and never a dull moment. A twinkle in the eye kinda salad  which becomes a fiesta when the Ekira Salsa is added!

To Make this salad: (serves two as a main course)

  • Rocket Leaves
  • Finely Grated Beetroot (1/2) & Carrot (1/4 large or 1/2 a small)
  • Sprouts: four types – Home Grown (See How) – handful of each
  • One Slice Pineapple – small cubes
  • Hand full Grapes – halved
  • Handfull Baby tomatoes – quartered
  • Hand full Fresh Broccolli – slice in tiny spears
  • Finely Chopped Peppers
  • Finely Chopped Celery – tablespoon
  • Hamlayan Salt, Black Pepper, Chopped Chives

It’s really so devinely easy, uses a little of many ingredients which can be used for many other meals, salsa’s, sauces, fruit salads, for dipping into Hummus or eaten like smarties.

We served it with a good dollop of freshly made Pineaple, Chilli, Tomato & Pepper Salsa which is a Must Add to sooo many dishes!

Go to the Pineapple Salsa Recipe here






The Story:
I am an exercise phobe. I only play. 
If it hurts I don't want to do it unless I'm in the garden... Yoga... hhhmmm... and... I loved it! Very slow start. My muscles are in relax mode so waking them is always harder than just maintaining. Ouch! 
The 5 a.m. start was interesting to say the least. I said I would wake before my alarm. 
I did, and was surprised at the Rooster Alarm as it felt so late. I had slept so well. The brunch was very welcome and the fresh air, meeting new people, all assisted with a totally satisfied feeling at the end of Day 1: Routine: Growth: End Goal. Gold Star to Me.













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